Monday, October 01, 2012

You can always help someone-Part II

In the previous post, I asked you all to change a simple thing in your life, to help others whenever you could.
I told you I would tell you the reason I asked you to do this and what difference will it make.
Here I am, let me begin.
You help people, you feel better, you actually start listening to what you really want. You start to care about others, you try to make others happy. But that's not all. Because YOU are someone who isn't someone who talks and doesn't do anything. You are someone who wants to do something to help. You are someone who hates the way people are being oppressed. You want to change things.
You see, others in pain, the poor, the oppressed. You wish you could help them. You feel angry against the system.You should. Most of my readers probably live in democracies, tell me, do you know ALL that goes on with your government? Do you think that the government and the media doesn't hide anything from you?
Well it's time you woke up and stop being ignorant. Understand how governments work. The poor oppressed, the middle class works their socks off and pays taxes for the rich to have a lavish life. Do you know who is at fault here? The middle class who doesn't do anything. People who grumble amongst themselves, complaining about the government while doing nothing, and the wheels keep on turning.
Stop being so ignorant people!
Make others aware of what's happening! Stop thinking that it doesn't affect you. It does, it fucking does!
You should be angry, because of all the injustice that happens, the oppression and the censorship.
That is what we need, people.

 WAKE UP: Listen to your conscience. Human beings are born with a sense of justice, Become aware.

AWARENESS: Spread the word, make others aware. Make them understand what's going on.

CHANGE THE MENTALITY: Stop being intimidated by the rich and/or the powerful. Fear drives them!

We are all equal. Don't ignore a protestor standing on the street corner because he isn't wearing an Armani Suit, then stand at stupid propaganda speeches by the well dressed politicians and industrialists, the very ones who are feed off the poor.

UNITE:Find people who think like you, people who share the same anger.

Change is imminent. A world revolution is on the cards, and it will happen. The only question is when? It's up to you. Choose your side. PROFIT VS. HUMANITY. I know what I choose. Do you?

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