Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Free Your Mind

I make this post after seeing, reading about and hearing people complain, about burdens of expectations, how they can't do things they yearn to because of the society they live in, the god they worship or the race or caste they belong to.
Since childhood we are told do as we told. As long as we are doing things that are right, it's fine.
But when you let people boss you around too much, you become afraid. You become submissive.
You accept all  the crap that's fed to you by parents, teachers and society in general.
When you read the things written below, read with a completely open mind. I mean it.
Let me tell you how-
Every one wants to be successful, right? What's your definition of success? 80% or 90% of you would say, having a successful job, with a good salary, big house in a posh area,  kids in ivy league schools? This is not success. This is acting the way society wants you to. This is not knowing what you really want. This is becoming a selfish and ignorant person who always cares about what someone else thinks. 
Ask yourself, is being a person who is selfish, someone who ignores the pleas of help, someone who made his way to the top by betraying friends, forgetting friendships and love, successful?
Everyone is just running around trying to become what others want you to be. Stop. 
People think that they're failures because they couldn't be rich, because they don't live in big houses. Why? Because that's what success is. Who said that? Everyone. You see what I mean? You want to be successful, become someone who helps others, someone who's a good friend for others, someone who's not ignorant to all the oppression and injustice around him.
Are you ready to change? 
Are you strong enough to change?
Are you determined enough to change? Are you going to become a cog in the wheel or are you going to actually live, rather than just survive
Do not be influenced by the media. Do not be influenced by your friends and family. Make the society better, don't become part of an ailing one. 

You aren't free until your mind is. The day you realise and understand what is wrong and what needs to be done, you have escaped from the claws of injustice.
-Free thinkers change the world.- 

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