Saturday, September 29, 2012

You can always help someone-Part 1.

You may think, what do I exactly mean by 'Changing things' or 'making a difference'.
What do we need to do to make things better?
We need to change the attitude of people. We need, to change the way society thinks and acts.
The society needs to stop judging people on the basis of their socio-economic status, their colour, caste or religion.
Let me share a few lines with you, from the song Disparity by Design by Rise Against.
"If we just take a step back, a bigger picture we might view; perhaps the man in the gutter is not so different from you"

You know what our problem is? We know all that is going wrong, we just don't want to do anything because why bother, right?
We need to change that mentality people, and it all starts with you.
You make a difference in your life, and inspire just one person to do the same, and the change begins.
Right now, I'm not asking you to go through a drastic change in your lifestyle.
No for today, all I ask you is, help others.
Sounds simple enough, right? Then do it.
Help others as much as you can, don't do it for the thank you's and the compliments you get, do it because you want to.
Do that a few times, and you'll realise that it actually feels great to help others. Indeed it does and that, is the best way to be truly happy.
A follow-up of this post will be coming soon, the second part.
I'll tell you how this simple change will make a difference.
What are your views in this? I'd love to know. Tell me what do you think down below and I'll take a note.
Also, if you like this blog, please spread the word, we need many people to make a difference.
With hope in our hearts, we sing for change.

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