Saturday, September 15, 2012

Small changes, big difference.

Hello and welcome to my blog, Injustice No More.
With this blog, I have one main aim:
To inspire change.
Day in, day out we see and hear reports of people being oppressed, or justice being denied and more stories of sorrow around the world and what do we do?
Nothing. We do absolutely nothing about it. Perhaps, some of might say something about how you're sorry about it, how you wish things were better.
How long are you willing to sit back and do nothing?
I, for one want to do something. I'm sure many of you do.
You may think, "What can we possibly do?"
Earlier, this might have been a problem, but my friends, we have a powerful tool with us. The Internet.
We can make a difference, albeit a small one, maybe even an insignificant one when you look at it individually, but together we can do big things.
So let us unite, let us Rise, let us Stand Up, let us Raise our Voices and shout out loud," Injustice No More".

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